The Joy of Self-Guided Tours

publication descriptionHow do you get away from the crap-shoot that is group travel, where you roll the dice that whoever may have also registered for your trip can either be fabulous or fatal to your total enjoyment of the experience? One option is self-guided tours, where an experienced tour operator works with local guides to develop an incredible itinerary, books all the hotels and side excursions for you, and provides all the support you need, from transfers and luggage delivery to providing a cell phone to call a local expert if you have questions or need help. With self-guided tours, you can go on your own, with a partner or friend, or a gaggle of friends or family – and do it all at your pace, in your style, and without having to put up with the machinations of an arrogant Germanic woman or insufferable east coast family.

Read the full article on Everett Potter’s Travel Report.

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