Saying Good Bye to an Old Friend

My trusty Eagle Creek bag in China

It’s not easy saying good bye, especially after 21 years. But I recently did just that, giving up my beloved Eagle Creek backpack that I bought in 1998. I was working the floor at the Framingham REI store when I bought it.

Soon after my time at REI got into working in the outdoor industry full-time and had ample opportunities (too many, actually) to get new backpacks. So my bag from ’98 saw ‘limited action’ over that time and thus it remained in pretty pristine shape. I realized recently that it was the perfect bag to wear to the Outdoor Retailer trade show. The ‘OR’ show celebrates all that’s new, and fresh, and innovative and I loved the idea of sharing something old, something that lasted the test of time and has proven longevity.

So I started wearing it to OR. In the process, it caught the eye of one of the founders of Eagle Creek, Steve Barker. He asked if he could have it. At first I balked (I mean, I LOVED that bag!) but then eventually realized that it was the perfect conclusion to my little bag, to send it right back ‘home’ where it all started…

I hope Steve loves his ‘new’ bag and keeps it around for many more adventures (and OR shows)!

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