Pelican G40 Personal Utility Go Case

I’ve been a fan of Pelican for a very long time. So long, in fact that I didn’t actually upgrade my personal Pelican case (which I generally use to house a phone when I’m on/in/near the water) since I first got it in 2005. My brother bought it for me to house a small camera when I was in Iraq.

Pelican 1
My new Pelican case enjoying the peaceful life of family travel (note the Operation Iraqi Freedom carabiner)

Thankfully I had the chance to get a G40 Go Case and it’s been a great addition to my gear stash. It’s large enough to hold my iPhone without having to take it out of its own case with a little room for a few extras.

I look forward to abusing this one as much as I did the old one over the next ten or so years…

2005-08-22 001
My old Pelican case (in my hands) as I hunker down into a buttoned-up Humvee, waiting for the Explosives Ordinance Disposal team to blow up an EID that we’d found (note the carabiner on my vest too, which is the same one as the one in the above photo)
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